Ketil Moland Olsen

Media. Technology. Innovation.

I am a Media and Technology passionate on a mission to fuel the future's most engaging and innovative viewer, listener, and reader experiences. Born, raised and based in Bergen, Norway, I am currently a Senior Project Manager in Media City Bergen.


Over the past 20 years, I have worked in the media industry's editorial and technological sectors – enjoying the intersection in the middle the most. My experience includes product and team leadership, project management, software design and development, online broadcast operations, and editorial news production.


I feel lucky to be married to my beautiful wife, Alice. We have two wonderful boys together. The four of us enjoy spending quality time together, whether at home, in the mountains, or by the sea. My favorite element is the air, which I experience to the fullest extent under my yellow paraglider.

© 2021 Ketil Moland Olsen. Portrait photo by Alice Bratshaug.